Radiating Positive Energy


Once again, this blog has seen a lengthy hiatus. For a time, I had mentally resigned. I created Miles with M.E. to share my “running reflections and autoimmune adventures,” but my running career for the past year and a half has consisted of countless orthopedic and physical therapy visits yet little progress. A blog chronicling my frustrations with my body’s seemingly inability to heal would certainly not prove enlightening. Thus, in a mental slump and confusion of a worthy purpose of this blog, I simply gave up- until two special people came into my life. We all know those corny sayings about people walking into and out of our lives and those special individuals leaving footprints on our hearts. More profound, and less corny, I feel, are those who stay in our heads- fundamentally changing how we think, how we interact with others, how we see the world.

You may remember Jim, the cancer survivor who befriended me at the Winship 5k in October of 2015. I think about Jim quite frequently, and last month, we met for lunch at the Emory Farmers Market. We hadn’t seen each other since the race but had emailed back-and-forth every now and then, and Jim suggested that we get together. In my original post about Jim, I discussed how he restored my faith in humanity, and our recent discussion had an even stronger effect. Jim came to lunch extremely prepared. He had spent the previous day analyzing my running form in online race photos and subsequently researching corrective exercises, and he brought resistance bands with to demonstrate them. He also pulled a supplement beverage out of his backpack and informed me of the vast benefits he had seen with his own autoimmune issues by incorporating fermented foods into his diet. Most meaningful of all was the extent to which, explicitly and implicitly, Jim informed me that I was in his thoughts and prayers. I have often questioned whether pure altruism exists, but if it does, Jim embodies it. This man, whom I have spent no more than a couple of hours with in my life, truly cares about me. He is a compassionate healer seeking to rejuvenate my body and mind, and he has encouraged me to believe in the goodness of the world.


Now, let me introduce you to Lexi. I met Lexi in Club Med Sandpiper Bay over spring break. While her official title is fitness instructor, I think mender, warrior, or spiritual gangster are far more appropriate. Never before have I met someone who radiates such positive energy. I had practiced yoga occasionally throughout the years, but it wasn’t until Lexi’s class that I felt anything deeper than physical exercise. The quotes she read about calming the body and quieting the mind and the words she spoke about human interconnectedness- the oneness of the world- captivated me. I got to know Lexi quite well throughout the week, and what perhaps stood out most was her awareness of the world. During morning power walks, she would just notice ever little detail in nature, beauties that the rest of us would mindlessly miss. She was present and child-like, always trying out new ways of playing with her body and encouraging guests to do the same. I have learned about the positive effects of mindfulness, spirituality, and play through my interdisciplinary classes and various podcasts and articles that I read on my own. It wasn’t until I saw someone embody these qualities, however, that I gained the courage to incorporate them into my own life. I was quite comforted to learn that Lexi has not always been like this- that we can all actively change our ways of being- and that she still feels she is on a spiritual journey- that no one is perfect, that we can always grow if we so choose. Saying goodbye to Lexi was extremely difficult, but she reminded me that we are all connected. Before meeting her, I would have found this extremely cheesy. Now, however, I find myself wholeheartedly believing in oneness- I truly feel that her teachings are present within me.


So, you may be wondering- what do Jim and Lexi have in common, and what do they have to do with Miles with M.E.? These two individuals reignited my positive energy and instilled within me a creative purpose and determination to spread goodness in the world. While this blog may, at least for some time, not be narrowly focused on running, my hope is that my posts offer glimmers of happiness, spark creativity, or inspire you to actively choose to enhance your holistic wellness. I would be lying if I said I no longer complained every time I am upset or have an autoimmune flare, but Jim and Lexi have truly empowered me- allowing me to realize that I am in control of the energy that surrounds me. I have become increasingly aware of and bothered by the plethora of gossip and complaints in our daily interactions and thus made greater efforts to seek out environments that support my thriving.

It is difficult to fathom how one person can have such an enormous impact in such a short time. What I am still reconciling even further is the question of why I met Jim and Lexi. I find it hard to believe that the timing of these encounters was purely coincidental. Skeptics would deem it as chance, and I have previously expressed my rejection of everything happening for a reason. Religious folks like Jim would say that God brought us together. Perhaps I am somewhere in the middle then, feeling that some spiritual energy brought us together. I will continue to grapple with exactly what I believe, but I am alright with that.

Thanks to Jim and Lexi for radiating positive energy and empowering me to rekindle this blog.

The canvas I painted last night!




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